Munnuru Kapu

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Munnuru Kapu is a sub sect in Kapu family of Andhra Pradesh. The community is primarily concentrated in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. They are primarily an agrarian community and are referred as Patels.

Sub Castes:

The other SubCastes or Geographical Names of Munnuru Kapu are

  • Kapu
  • Balija/Balija Naidu
  • Telaga
  • Turpu Kapu
  • Ontari
  • Mudiraj
  • Naidu

Please Refer to Kapu for more details about the Community.



The name Munnuru seems to be of a recent origin, which means three hundred. The Telaga or Naidu Community and were the Imperial guard of the Tanjore Nayaks who dispatched a battalion of his best Infantry and Cavalry for the personal security on the request of the Nawab of Hyderabad The Tanjore Nayak dispatched three hundred Telaga men and their families. The descendants of these Three hundred families are now called Munnuru Kapu.
The Munnuru Kapu Community have always been associated with one Kingdom or the other in the form of Interior Palace Guards like Tanjavur Nayaks, Devarakonda, Nizam etc.

At present Day Munnuru Kapu People are more than 1 Crore people in Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra States.



Copyrights for details: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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